in the grass.

2 thoughts on “in the grass.”

  1. As someone who feels things so deeply that it’s a physical ache sometimes, I think you’re spot on with connecting our ability and willingness to feel emotions to a deeper relationship with God, and I think it also gives us the chance to model vulnerability to a world that longs for something more real than the mask of “okay” that we wear. I also love that you used the word “wrestle” here! That intimate, emotional contact that we get to experience with our creator as we wrestle through things is something that still blows my mind every time I consider it. Keep finding the joy in the journey!

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    1. Yes! I have found that my relationship with God and with people has thrived when I am honest with what I am feeling wether it be joy or anger. It’s the wrestling with that and not staying in that place of blame or shame that can truly build those relationships. Thank you, finding the joy is difficult but SO worth it!


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